Getting Ready to Go Back to School with My Three and Me



Post-it Notes

Post-it notes to me are invaluable – I have a number of lists that I write weekly ( I think I may be slightly obsessed if I’m honest) – there’s a list for the shopping, the things that are happening at school, the things that the boys need for school and then one for anything else – birthdays, parties you name it I have it on a list and I have these lists written on Post-it notes stuck in various places around the house. They are also very handy to use in my diary to make things stand out or to add extra things in on a date. Callum loves using them for his homework and he has been known to have a very colourful think tank (formally known as a brainstorm to many of us) in the past. I’m pleased my love for post its have passed on to at least one of my boys.


I love the bright coloured Post-it Super Sticky Notes Neon Lined Pads. They are ideal for making detailed notes (or lists in my case). They have Super Sticky adhesive meaning that they will stay stuck for longer. For the older students Post-it have a handy ruler pack available. It has a variety of nine different Post-it Index Flags and Arrows. It comes mounted on a hole-punched ruler for use in ring binders – making it perfect for referencing important information and pages – oh how I wish I had this when I was at Uni! Another product I wish was available to me back then is the  Post-it Index Study Flags. These can be used to help pinpoint information quickly and easily. The bright, colour-coded flags can also be written on to aid quick referencing so perfect for exam preparation and revision.


Personalised Notebooks

Getting Personal are known for their personalised products. If you have children who are prone to losing their belongings you can buy them notebooks that have their names on them. There are many designs to choose from so you are bound to find something that appeals to them. For Callum is it computer games or football and they had both of these themes to choose from, Nathan on the other hand is Superhero mad. He loves Batman and Captain America so he loved his notebook. This year he needs to do spelling tests every week so his notebook is going to come in handy for practising these.




My Three love to read, this is something that we as a family have encouraged from the very start by reading stories to them when they were smaller. James gets all excited when he comes home with a new book to read and the smile on his face is magical when he gets to the end. All three love to read independently but they also love it when we read a story together. Now that they are a little older we read longer stories and there is nothing worse than a book with lots of bent corners! That Company Called If have some great bookmarks that are suitable for all the family. My favourite are the Sardines in a Tin,  James on the other hand loves the Bear Booktail bookmark, whilst Callum and Nathan love the Batman and Scooby Doo page markers. I love that the page markers come in a pack of 6 so you can use them for different books / magazines at the same time.



Notebooks / Notepads

All students need a good notebook for taking down notes, when I was at Uni everything was written down and taken note of. Hallmark has some lovely notebooks and matching stickers available right now. Some are aimed at the girls others at the boys. But they are perfect to put in your bag and use when in a lecture or class. They sell notebooks in different sizes too so that you can use them depending on what size bag you decide to take with you – I love the little notebook with the Pug on front, it is just so cute. They also have memo pads which a great to keep by your home telephone or on your desk for when you need to make a quick note of something important.




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