It’s Been A Good Night’s Sleep

I love my sleep. Luckily for me all three boys enjoy their sleep too and from around the 8 week mark unless they were poorly or teething they have slept through every night. However loving sleep and staying asleep all night for me is another thing. Ever since Matthew started working night shifts, it often takes me a long time to drop off to sleep and I will then often wake two to three times during a night. This can be annoying especially if I have a busy day planned. 

My bedtime routine is pretty normal – well I think it is anyway. I go up to bed about half past 10 – 11 pm every night (maybe a bit later if I am watching a TV programme). I take the boys to the toilet then I go myself (who wants to go to the loo in the middle of the night?) brush my teeth and my hair. Then I jump in bed. I will watch a little TV and  read my book on the iPad or play one of the many apps I have installed. If Matthew is at work he will ring me on his break. I usually settle down to sleep for 12 – 12.30 am. I love reading and this is the one time a day I get to enjoy my book in peace.

For the last week I have been going to bed at the same time, still reading my book and occasionally playing my games but I have been going to sleep at least an hour earlier. I have been trying two products that were sent to me to see if using them helped me get a better nights sleep. I was sent a scented candle and some sleep spray.

Whilst I was reading my book I turned off the TV and had the candle lit instead. The candle has a lovely vanilla smell. I found it very relaxing whilst reading my book and instead of having the TV blaring out in the background I could sit in the calm and enjoy what I was reading. When I was feeling sleepy I blew out the candle (very important thing to remember to do!!) and sprayed my pillow and duvet with the sleep spray. I loved the Lavender and Camomile fragrance. I didn’t think my new regime would make a difference but I was surprised when I was ready for sleeping by half past 11 pm and not even bothering playing with an app. Matthew ringing was still a problem but I told him to either ring earlier (hard I know with set breaks) or I would just text him goodnight before I nodded off not great but when a girls got to sleep shes got to sleep right??

I found that I still woke in the night but only once compared to the two – three times previously and I settled back off quickly. I am so thankful that now I am getting more sleep each night and sleep that is virtually unbroken. I am hoping I get a night where I sleep all the way through soon.

If like me you are struggling to get that great nights sleep have a look at Silentnight’s Sleep Clinic. Here you too can learn more about how to get a great night’s sleep.

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