Why Pet Insurance Is Important

Do you have a pet? If so, is your pet insured? If you answered no, you really do need to consider taking it out. If you think your pet doesn’t need it or will be fine let me tell you our story which I hope will make you reconsider.

Two years ago Pepper our Boxer dog had puppies. The litter was planned and we did everything to ensure she had a smooth and successful pregnancy. We had two puppies Penny and Sheldon (we are Big Bang Theory fans if you couldn’t tell). We decided to keep Penny as we thought that Pepper needed a play mate and she was very much like her mum. Almost a year passed and Penny grew into a beautiful lovely playful dog. She was very much loved and like her mum fitted perfectly into the family.

One day Penny broke her leg. We took her straight to our vets who were brilliant with her. They said that Penny needed to go to their head surgery for an operation and that it would cost about £1000 or if she was insured it would be covered. Here we started panicking as we didn’t have the money (Matthew had not long started his new job and we have never had savings) and Penny wasn’t insured. We started ringing family and we managed to secure borrowing the money. We just needed to let them know when we needed it.

However on arriving at the main vets they said that we were given the wrong price and Penny’s treatment was likely to cost £3000 – £4000. We knew then that there was absolutely no way we could afford that and no one could lend us that amount. We were heartbroken – my heart felt like it had broken in 1000 places. The vet gave us two options either have Penny put to sleep or we could sign her over to The Dog’s Trust, who would pay for her treatment then rehome her. I didn’t like either option as she was my baby but I couldn’t face her dying through my stupidity of not carrying on her insurance (we had never used it / needed it with Pepper so we cancelled it) so we chose the second option once I signed the forms she was handed over to the vets and we had signed over our ownership. The vets allowed me to ring the next day to see if she had her operation (which she did) and then I was told I wasn’t allowed to know anymore as she was no longer my pet or my concern. My heart shattered all over again.

We learnt the very hard way that pet insurance is a definite must. So please, please don’t make the same mistake as us. If you have a pet make sure you have insurance. It costs very little each month / once a year and it could save you the same heartbreak that we had to go through.

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