The Weekend I Became A #Morrisonsmum

From 1st May, Morrisons cut the prices on over a thousand products. The good news is that these are not temporary reductions -oh no, they are here to stay, these are new everyday low prices on the things us consumers buy every week. You will be able to see these products marked clearly when you shop in store and online as they are clearly marked with a yellow sticker that says “I’m cheaper” and if a product has this sticker you know that it’s staying cheaper.  We were recently given £80 of shopping vouchers and invited along to our local Morrisons store to carry out a weekly shop to see if it was indeed cheaper.

Our local store is situated in the middle of our town, luckily we only live a few minutes drive away (who says living on the edge of town doesn’t have its perks) so it is handy to nip into after school or on a weekend if you need a few bits. There is always plenty of spaces to park and I am pleased that both the disabled and parent parking are close to the front of the store. You do have to pay to park at our local Morrisons but I don’t think this is a problem as you are reimbursed if you spend over £5 in store. 
Our store recently underwent major refurbishment – everything was rearranged and it took me a long time to get used to where everything was, but I have to say that these changes were for the better as the shop did look old and past it before. The store was clean and tidy, the shelves were well stocked and there was plenty of choice. The staff are friendly and there were plenty around to help if needed.
Over the bank holiday weekend we made the most of Matthew having a day off and the fact that we had nice weather, we decided that we would have our first barbecue of the year. With my vouchers I purchased everything we needed from disposable barbecues, ketchup and burgers to crisps, sausages, fizzy pop and quiche. We really did get quite a spread. I also bought some ingredients for carbonara for lunch so we could have a quick easy, light lunch as we were having a big barbecue for the evening.
We decided that our barbecue would be at tea time so for lunch I made some Pasta Carbonara. This recipe is one a friend showed me and we love it. To buy all the ingredients for this cost £7.12. I would use the following ingredients and it has a cost of £1.42 per serving (we are a family of 5). You can add or remove ingredients and substitute them for the things you like instead, it can even be turned into a vegetarian dish but leaving out the bacon.
  • 500g Pasta (you can use penne, spaghetti or fusilli)
  • 8 Rashers of unsmoked back Bacon
  • Mixed Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Courgette
  • Onion
  • 180g Soft Cheese (Philadelphia or supermarket own brand is fine)
  • 2 eggs


  • Prepare and cut the vegetables
  • Cook the pasta
  • Cut up the bacon and fry
  • Add the vegetables to the pan and cook until they are soft 
  • Add the soft cheese
  • Once the pasta is cooked drain and add the sauce into the pan
  • Add 2 eggs and stir through the pasta (back on the hob for a minute or 2)
  • Serve and enjoy you can add grated cheese if you wish

At 5.30 some friends of ours arrived and we took to the task of cooking tea. As we knew we would be cooking for a number of people / had quite a lot to cook we bought 3 disposable barbecues within our Morrisons shop. The large one cost us just £5 and to be honest it was better than the two smaller ones (which didn’t last long at all). We managed to cook, chicken drumsticks, chicken breast, 28 sausages and 10 burgers before it started to cool off.

The best thing about a barbecue in my opinion is a burger. It is the thing I look forward to most. A nice fresh bread bun, a slice of cheese, some tomato ketchup and of course the burger. From Morrisons this cost us just 95p per serving.

The items we bought to make our burgers were: a pack of 8 burgers for £4.00 or on offer for 3 packs for £10 (you can mix and match with other products), Heinz tomato ketchup was on offer for £1.75 for a 700g bottle, Sliced Cathedral City cheddar cheese (8 slices per pack) at £1.95 and a pack of 6 bread buns for 72p (or on offer at 2 packs for £1). You could add salad or other sauces if you would like but I find the less filling the better so that you can taste the meat of the burger.
To finish our barbecue we had ice lollies all round. As you can see the boys loved them and whats more they were great value for money. The Fab lollies were on offer at £1.24 for a pack of 8 and the twisty lolly Nathan had was one of Morrisons own brand products and priced at £1 for 5.

Along with all of the above we bought lots of other items too. We bought dish washer tablets, dog toys and treats, toilet rolls, cereals and enough food for another 3 or 4 meals. Overall I was very impressed with my shop. We had a lovely afternoon with out friends and the boys. The food was cooked to perfection (thank you chef Matthew). I was impressed with the quality of the items we bought and even the Morrisons own branded food tasted just as nice as the top brand items.

*We were sent vouchers in order to shop for the products mentioned in this post – all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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