The Perfect Mash Using A Masha

Most Sunday’s we have a roast dinner and a couple of nights through the week we will usually have mash potato with our tea. However we have one major problem. I can’t mash potatoes to save my life. If my life depended on it I would be in mortal peril – I kid you not! My mum makes amazing mash, the mother in law makes great mash – even Matthew makes lovely mash. But no, not me that was until I was sent a Masha to try. Up until this point I would always leave the mashing to Matthew and if he was at work then the kids would ask for their potatoes to be left alone as they really dislike mummy’s lumpy mash.

Recently I was sent a Masha from the a range by Sensio Home. The a range is a collection of kitchen appliances, all designed to make cooking quick and easy! The a range includes the Masha, Sliça and Steama. The Masha is available to buy for £29.99 from retailers such as Argos and Tesco.

I love my Masha. I can’t fault it and I have used it a lot over the last few weeks. Instead of making horrible lumpy mash I can now make smooth non lumpy mash instead – it’s almost a miracle. I love that it takes next to no effort to use and the result is great mash within a few seconds. I love that the Masha can be used to make other things too – you can use it to mix ingredients for pastry, batters for cakes and pancakes and it is perfect for purifying baby foods. You can also use it to make homemade guacamole and hummus. We are yet to try the Masha for any of these but as the kids love to bake I’m sure that we will in the very near future.


The Masha is extremely easy to use. There is a button that you hold in on the side, once you have finished you simply let go and it stops. It has a non-slip hand grip and the weight of the handle is evenly distributed so less strain is placed on your wrist and  it always feels comfortable to hold.

The Masha’s head contains a blade with patented rotor-cone technology to power food through the outer mesh of the head quickly and easily. Simply place the Masha into the food and squeeze the button to mash, taking care to move the head around the pan or bowl to remove all lumps. Food is crushed rather than blended which is an important factor when trying to get the perfect mashed potato.

One of the big advanges of the Masha is that it can be used directly in the pan and will not damage non-stick pot coatings. This for me is a big advantage as it means less washing up. The Masha’s plastic blade unclips easily for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.  

So now I can make perfect non lumpy mash potatoes and Matthew is no longer needed, well except to make the gravy as yep you’ve guessed it I make lumpy gravy too.

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