Slumberdown Anti-snore Pillow

Do you snore? If so you are not alone in fact around 40 percent of the UK population do too. I have to admit I am a slight snorer – I had never known about this until a few months ago when Matthew mentioned it to me (I wasn’t impressed and was sure he was lying about it). He says at the minute its tolerable (we only spend 3 nights a week in bed at the same time due to him working nights) but my mum snores loud and almost every night, so if I snore like her then he would definitely have cause to complain. Having said that, if you do snore and you snore loudly or often it can have a serious impact on your sleep and it can affect your partners too. A study showed that one in three couples slept alone every night due to snoring. Luckily we are not that bad but I know of a few couples who are.

Recently Slumberdown sent me a Anti-snore pillow to try out as it was National Stop Snoring Week last week (28th April – 2nd May). 

The Anti-snore pillow is a soft, hollow fibre pillow. It has been specially designed with a β€˜S’ shaped inner foam core which helps encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck, and can therefore help to reduce snoring and improve sleep. The pillow is quite bulky so fills a normal sized pillow case well.

I have been using the pillow now every night for the last week or so. Matthew said that it did make a difference on the nights that he had spent at home. He said my snoring was never constant or loud to begin with but using the pillow has definitely made an improvement as hadn’t heard me since using it.
It was National Stop Snoring Week last week, the pillow is available from Tesco and on offer for Β£4.50 , reduced from Β£6.00 (a 25 percent saving) from 21 April to 12 May. 
For further information on the Slumberdown range visit www.slumberdown.co.uk.
*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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