TOMY Toys Review

This week we have had an extra helper reviewing some of the toys we have been sent. Every now and again Tomy send us a few toys that the boys are too old for. This is where Henry helps out. Henry is the boys cousin and he’s nearly 2 years old, he is car mad which I think makes him the perfect candidate to help us out and as you can see from the pictures below Henry was very happy to provide us with his services. We were sent 3 toys from the TOMY toys range to review.

The first toy Henry played with was the Tomy Ready Steady Go Giraffe. At first he didn’t seem to like Giraffe, but once he saw his daddy playing with him he thought he would have a go too. If you push Giraffe’s head the engine will start, the car then vibrates as he revs up the engine. After a couple of seconds Giraffe speeds off across the floor. He is the perfect toy to encourage young toddlers to either crawl or run after him. As you can see from the video below he is a pretty speedy toy. This toy is aimed at children aged 10 months + and priced at £13.00.
The next toy Henry tried out was the Counting with Luke the Loop Toy. This toy is priced at £14.99 and suitable for children aged 18 months +. As Luke is pushed along his plane makes flying noises and even the planes propeller turns around. Luke also  does a special trick, if you make him do a loop the loop Luke will count from 1 – 10. 
The last toy Henry tried out was the Push N Chase Turtle. This toy has a ring shaped body. If you push the toy down and release, you will see that it walks forward. He can be pushed along to hear a “Click click click” noise or shaken to hear a rattle like sound. This toy is aimed at children aged 10 months + and priced at £8.99. He is the perfect toy for a young child who is just getting to grasps with holding toys or learning to push toys along. 

Both Henry’s mum and I were impressed with the quality of each of these toys. They are well built and will withstand a normal amount of toddler playing time. They are brightly coloured and are easy to play with, so will keep a small person entertained for a little while with each one. What I like about Tomy toys is that they are reasonably priced so they won’t break the bank, they are designed for both boys and girls to play with too. For more information about these toys or similar have a look at the Tomy website.You can also follow Tomy on Twitter and Facebook

*I did not receive a financial payment for writing this review. However, I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are my own*

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