OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

The boys love to bake. This Easter holidays we have been very busy in the kitchen. Recently OXO sent us a new kitchen gadget to play with. We were very eager to try the Good Grips Cookie Press.

The OXO Good Grips Cookie Press is a very handy tool. It is easy to use and each cookie made is exactly the same as the one made before. You can make cookies for any occasion easily and quickly. Inside the instruction booklet there is also a number of recipes so you can make different varieties of cookies.

The press has a large, comfortable lever meaning you won’t strain your hand even if you decide to make huge batches of cookies at a time. It has a non-slip base that helps keep the press steady while you are pressing out the cookies and the clear cylindrical barrel shows how much dough is left. 
With the press comes 12 stainless steel cookie disks in different patterns – Daisy, Flower, Sunflower, Fleur-de-lis, Butterfly, Bear, Shell, Leaf, Heart, Snowflake, Tree, Wreath. 
The Cookie Press can be completely disassembled too this makes it really easy to clean.
The Cookie Press’s main features are:
  • It creates consistent cookies every time
  • It has a non-slip base keeps Cookie Press steady while dispensing
  • It has a clear cylinder shows how much dough is left
  • Has a large, non-slip lever is comfortable for repetitive use
  • It disassembles for easy loading and cleaning
  • It includes 12 stainless steel cookie disks in different patterns
The Cookie Press is priced at £25, and can be purchased from the OXO website.
Overall I was very impressed with the Cookie Press. It is very easy to use and made perfectly shaped cookies. The boys loved helping out and they especially loved eating the cookies afterwards.

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