Don’t Let Acne Get You Down

As many of you may know last year I turned 30 and with it came spots. I don’t just mean one or two spots I mean a face full of spots – this is one of the reasons you will rarely seen pictures of me on here or on Facebook (If you do they are more than likely a few years old or taken on a day when I am spot free). But on a serious note the arrival of these spots really did annoy me as I had never really been a spotty person up until this point – not even as a teenager (I guess I was lucky with that huh??).

Another reason that the appearance of these spots has really annoyed me is the fact that Matthew and I have been talking and I mean really talking about our wedding day. We are still a way off setting a date in stone but we are hoping for a 2015 / 2016 Summer wedding (we are thinking barbecue, ice cream van, a lovely village pub with a fishing lake – lets hope the weather works in our favour for that). So naturally this also got me thinking what if my spots get worse around the time we plan to tie the knot? I would hate for my day and the photographs to be spoilt by my spotty face. I am not a huge wearer of make up so would feel uncomfortable if I had to wear a lot of make up to hide a breakout.

However, I need not worry too much as there are ways that spots can be treated and with results that last too. From skin peels to laser treatment there are many types of acne treatment available and prices start from at little as £60 but this depends on what treatment is best for you and the best bit is that most treatments are painless or cause little pain and you could have spot free skin within as little as 6 weeks with results that last. You will need a consultation at first to discuss what treatment options are most suitable for you. I will certainly be considering this especially if when I finally name the date I am still covered in these silly spots.

You can read more articles about acne, how it can be treated and how it has affected many others here.

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