Chuggington StackTrack Tunnel and Bridge Playset

James is a huge Chuggington fan and has been hooked ever since he saw the TV show on Cbeebies when he was small. He loves watching the show on TV and will sing along to the theme tune, he loves playing with the trains that he already owns so when we were recently sent one of Tomy’s newest toys to try out he couldn’t wait to play with his trains and The StackTrack Tunnel and Bridge Playset.

The first thing I noticed when opening up the box is that all the pieces were easy to take out of the box. The only thing that was tied down was the train that comes with the set – this is great for us parents as it means no temper tantrums over cable ties and bits of plastic holding things down. The track is easy to put together, the pieces are cut well and easily slot together. Once built it is very stable and sturdy you can even combine it with other non -StackTrack Chuggington train sets for hours of play.

As this is a StackTrack playsStackTrack playsets – you can stack the tracks as high as you like this is especially handy if you have a lack of space (any mum with boys and train sets know how much room they take up). The included instruction booklet shows you three ways that the track can be built but it can be built any way you or child wants. Each track layout takes a matter of minutes to rearrange and they are very simple to do.

Along with the track playset we were sent 3 individual trains. Let me introduce you to three of the main characters Koko, Brewster and Wilson. Each of the engines come with a carriage or crane. The cranes both have moving parts so this helps your little one’s imagination when playing as they can make the trains really do the job that they are role-playing. The crane/carriages can be easily attached using the front and back couplings. The trailers/trains can also be attached to each other/other trains/trailers using the couplings too – this is one of James’ favourite things to do and usually has a trail of 4 – 6 engines all attached together.
The playset is priced at RRP £19.99, the three engines are £7.99 each, smaller engines are available too at a lower price. All are available from all good toy stockists online and instore.

You can follow Tomy on Twitter to find out more information about this or other Tomy toys/products. For more information about these toys or simila,r you can find out more on the Tomy website.

*I did not receive a financial payment for writing this review. However, I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are my own*

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