The Kids are Back in School… Finally Us Mums Get A Break

My boys went back to school yesterday and I am so pleased about that, now don’t me wrong I love them, I love spending time with them but they are hard work especially when excited (like at the beginning of the holidays) or bored (like at the end of them). The Christmas holidays are the one I kind of love and dread equally as much. I spend so much time making the house all lovely and Christmas like, buying presents, preparing and cooking lovely dinners that by the time they go back to school I am most definitely in need of a break and it looks like I’m not the only one who feels the same.

Recently Kenco asked for a survey to be carried out asking 2000 women in the UK  how they spent their time in the Christmas holidays. Well over a third (81%) said that they single-handedly managed all the Christmas preparations, with a lucky few (7%) getting help from their partners. It’s a bit harder in our house for Matthew to help out much due to him working shifts and the fact that his normal working hours included both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Two thirds of women confessed to spending more than 48 hours preparing for Christmas. Over three quarters of the woman  questioned (87%) admitted that they spent hours in the run up to Christmas wading through a typical task list that included shopping for food, gifts, tidying the house and doing all the preparation for the Christmas feast. So it’s no wonder that many of us did not feel rested and revived during the Christmas break. 

It really is no wonder that when the kiddiewinks all finally get back to school some of us are jumping for joy. As I already said I have no shame in admitting this. Yes the housework needs doing, the toys need to find a new home but for now I intend to sit down with a cup of Kenco Millicano, put my feet up and watch some Grey’s Anatomy on Sky Demand. 

Millicano is Kenco’s first wholebean instant Coffee. It is a clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled quality beans. It has a smooth, full-bodied flavour and rich aroma. Kenco Millicano is the closest thing to ‘proper’ coffee in an instant. It can be purchased from all good supermarkets and is available in caff free too. Prices vary depending on where you shop.
 *I did not receive a financial payment for writing this review. However, I was sent this product & all the above survey info, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are my own*

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    Kim Carberry
    January 7, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Ahhh mine go back tomorrow….
    I will be sat here about five past nine tomorrow morning enjoying a lovely cuppa in peace….hehehe Can't wait!

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