Olly The Little White Van

James loves to watch cartoons. One of his favourites is Olly the Little White Van. I have to admit if I’m sat with a cuppa whilst he’s on I don’t mind watching it either.

The cartoon is aimed at boys and girls aged 2-6. Olly originally aired on GMTV and CiTV  in 2011 and then on Cartoonito in 2012, he is now airing daily on Milkshake. Olly can also be found on Cartoonito and Boomerang too.

What I like about the cartoon is that it is short. It keeps little ones interest peaked so that they learn the messages within each episode. I love that Olly is super helpful to everyone in Bumpton. He is very chatty to all his friends as is always happy to help any of his friends when they need it. Programmes like this help young children to learn about kindness. I also like that Olly makes mistakes (as we all do) showing you don’t have to be perfect and then corrects the mistake to get the right outcome – so as to learn from his mistakes – the exact message us parents want our children to learn.

James likes Olly because he is a vehicle. This may sound really quite boring or silly to most but he is motor mad and has been since being tiny. The majority of the toys he owns, games he plays and TV programmes he watches involve at least 2 wheels if not 4 or more. He also tell me that he likes Olly because he has the same voice as Justin from CBeebies Justin’s House and Mr Tumble from CBeebies Something Special. I have told him it’s because Justin is Mr Tumble and he does Olly’s voice too but I’m not sure he believes me.

Olly has his own website. Here you will find clips to watch and games to play. There are a number of downloadable activity ideas on the parents section of the website, with ideas for games to help out at home e.g Matching the colours of socks, helping to care for a new baby, watering plants or feeding the birds.

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