A Kid Of The 80’s & 90’s…

I have very fond memories of being an 80’s/90’s child. Life was carefree and I loved nothing better than going to see my Nana and Grandad on a weekend or having my friend over for a sleepover. I loved watching Bullseye, Baywatch and Gladiators on a Saturday night, who could forget The Crystal Maze, Funhouse and Going Live – they were pretty awesome too. Yes I have to say TV back in the day was pretty awesome I could go on and on about how great the programmes were back then. On a similar note the toys we had as kids were just as great. We didn’t have gadgets, tablets, numerous games consoles or mobile phones we had proper toys!!

I was a massive fan of trolls. I had lots of small ones but I was never allowed a Troll Doll as my mum said our house was over run with them. But my best friend was pretty awesome and always used to bring hers when she stayed over and we would pretend they were our children – I do have to add that my parenting skills have since improved and luckily my children escaped being called Sinbad (he was a pirate troll don’t you know).
I am what some would call a bit of a collector others would call me a hoarder ( mentioning no names – Dad and Matthew). It was only recently that I cleared out the cupboard at my mums when I found a few of my old toys and collections of things that I used to have / collect as a child / young teenager. Two of the things I can remember collecting were POGs and Tazos (yes a collection of both of these were found in said cupboard but have no since been thrown out). Now if you went to school in the early 90’s you will know exactly what I am referring too if not let me explain. POGs were discs or cardboard. That is all they were but everyone I knew was obsessed with them. A game could be played with two or more players but two was a simpler number. Each player took it in turns to flip a pile of POGs over using a slammer. Most players played a game for “keeps” meaning if you turned over the POGs you got to keep them. As you can imagine this caused no end of arguments and this lead to them being banned at our school as there were so many arguments that people were playing unfairly or that they weren’t actually playing for keeps if they lost. Tazo’s were similar to POGs but if I remember correctly they were banned straight away from school. These were hard discs of plastic that could be found in packets of Walkers crisps. I think my younger sister and I drove my mum mad demanding more crisps at every shopping trip, and you know what the most annoying thing was I was 5, yes 5 short of the whole collection. I was not impressed when they stopped the collection.
It wasn’t just toys and games that were popular when I was younger either. Every non uniform day at school 99% of the kids wore Adidas tracksuit bottoms and especially the ones that had the Poppers up the sides. There was nothing more annoying than someone coming up and ripping open all your poppers!! But you know what it never stopped us wearing whenever we could.
It seems that my generation were not the only ones with crazy playground crazes. In fact it seems like there has been at least one crazy for every decade since the 1950’s. If you’re a little (or ahem a lot older than me) you should visit http://www.ool.co.uk/amazing-crazes/ and take a trip down memory lane. I bet theres a few things on there that you had forgotten about. I had totally forgotten about my Clarks Magic Shoes until I saw this post. Speaking of shoes we also went through a faze of all having Kickers shoes in secondary school too. I could go on and on about the crazes we grew up as there were a few My Little Ponies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coin Collection, Nike Air Max trainers… Yeah the list is pretty endless really. Thinking back I bet us kids cost our parents a small fortune with our crazes.
I am also pretty sure that there were other crazes about when I was younger, but the ones I have mentioned were my favourites. What was the craze when you were at school?

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