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Woolly & Tig App Review

I normally don’t like spiders but I make an exception for Woolly the lovely character from the CBeebies show Woolly and Tig.

Woolly and Tig is a TV programme that is about three-year-old Tig and her cuddly toy spider Woolly. Each programme expresses the feelings that children have when faced with new experiences. From the first day at nursery to meeting a man with a beard, uncertainty and worry are replaced by fun and laughter when Woolly is magically animated into life.  Wherever Tig goes Woolly goes too and whenever Tig has a spot of bother Woolly is there with his self-help advice.

James loves to watch Woolly and Tig and was a very happy little boy when I downloaded the new Woolly and Tig App on my iPad. The App is aimed at children aged 3 – 6 years old.

When you first open the App you will notice that Woolly asks you do something. He responds directly to your touch and he even speaks to you. If you tickle him he’ll laugh, if you hug him he’ll hug you back and if you stroke him he’ll sleep. He is one super cute spider.


With Woolly’s help everyday activities are made fun. Activities include getting Woolly dressed, cleaning his teeth and washing his face.


Woolly can also help children learn to count as he interacts and shouts out the numbers whilst he jumps. Plus Woolly will help children make the most of outdoor play. Woolly  shows them that it’s fun to play in the sun, in the rain and in the snow.


Woolly helps parents too. By setting Woolly’s special scheduler, Woolly can remind children it’s time to clean teeth or other daily routines.

The App is priced at £2.99. Which I think is slightly high as there are only a few activities you can do with Woolly and once you have done these then there isn’t much point coming back to the App. Hopefully, though there will be updates so that more things are included for children to do with Woolly. The one thing I do like is that there are no hidden in App charges unlike a lot of the free or cheap game Apps – in a way I think this cancels out the high cost in the first place. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than playing a game that requires added extras every time you play or is easy for your child to purchase things without your knowledge.



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