Method Cleaning Products Review

When my friends ask me what I do with my days now that James is in full time school, they are surprised to hear that I still spend a lot of my time cleaning and tidying the house. They think that because the house is empty during the day it simply doesn’t need cleaning! This really annoys me and sometimes leaves me wanting to ask them if they actually have children of their own? and if their children make a mess before and after school each day? because I know my 3 certainly do, it looks like a hurricane has been through the house. The only difference that all 3 being at school makes is that I can get my jobs done in less than an hour as I can get it all done undisturbed. Recently I was asked to try some Method cleaning products instead of my usual products to see if they worked better. I was sent three products – a hand wash, a multi surface cleaner and a glass cleaner. 
All of Method’s products use a powerful formula that are non-toxic and are made using only biodegradable ingredients. They don’t contain any powerful chemicals so don’t leave that horrible smell / spray that makes you want / need to hold your breath whilst using them. They also smell really nice and leave your worktops lovely and clean.
I wasn’t sure if the products would do the job that they stated as when I have used environmentally friendly products in the past they have sometimes been less effective and really not done the job they claimed to. However I am happy to report that the multi surface cleaner really surprised me and cleaned all my work tops well.
If you are conscious of the products you use in your home and are looking for a friendlier solution I would highly recommend taking a look at the products on the Method website.
Method have a range of products available to purchase, prices start at £2.50. You can purchase these from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, John Lewis, Homebase, B&Q, Co-p, Boots, Superdrug, Amazon and independent stores.

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