Mark It With Sharpie

With the ability to draw and write on just about anything, Sharpie pens are handy to have around the house. They came in handy particularly for me when it came to getting the boys prepared to go back to school in September, from labeling uniforms and lunch boxes and even putting their names in their pencil cases and school bags.
I have even heard of parents using Sharpies to create fun and colourful drawings on their children’s sandwich bags to help brighten up their school days, unfortunately I am not that talented and the most creative I get is putting names in their uniforms with the fabric pen to ensure their belongings are hopefully returned to us if they are lost. I love Sharpies fabric pen. The ink dries really quickly so no smudging (amazing when like me you are left handed). It writes on easily and doesn’t run into the material so names can be easily read and whats more it doesn’t fade in the was like a biro would. This has saved me a lot time. I had 3 lots of uniform to name and if i had to sew name tags in I would have been there days doing the job. Thankfully with the pen it took me an hour maximum (this sounds like a long time but I was naming multiple pieces of uniform for each of them too) 

As you can seen from the pictures above Sharpie pens write on different materials really well. I love the metallic pens as they show up great on darker things – like the boys school drinks bottles.

I never knew that Sharpie had a range of such colours until we were sent the 80’s Glam Pack of pens. The pack has 24 different shades. I love the purples and pinks. I still have to find uses for a lot of them but I am sure the boys will no doubt use them for school projects as we always have homework to complete and usually something that requires either a poster or picture being created. These pens have a finer tip than that of a regular Sharpie pen so you are able to draw and complete finer details with them.

You can purchase Sharpie pens both online or instore. There is a huge variety available and prices are very reasonable too.

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this review – All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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