Fellowes Laminator Ideas Centre Challenge

Yesterday you may have read about the challenge we took part in using shredded paper for Fellowes. If you didn’t you can check it out here. Today we have completed another challenge, this time using a laminator sent by Fellowes.

As the mum of 3 school aged children I get brought home lots of drawings and other things on a weekly basis. Some of these have been stored in a special place, others have been pinned up in the kitchen and others have had to go in the bin. Some of the binned items have been duplicate pictures or items that have simply got very tatty because they have been pinned up for a long time. However if I had a laminator many of these could have been saved and kept looking nice. I have boxes for each of the boys special items and special pictures usually get folded up and go in here too but now I think it is time to get a folder and store the laminated pieces so they can be kept perfect forever. I recently spoke to some of my mummy friends and asked them about their child’s masterpieces and almost all of them do exactly the same as I do as they thought that a laminator was something just to be used in schools or offices. 

However, with us mums in mind Fellowes have a new Ideas Centre available so that us parents can download lots of different things to laminate and use including recipe cards, meal planners, bookmarks and luggage labels, dry wipe boards,shopping lists and calendar dates. If you would like to see more you can find them all at the Fellowes’ Ideas Centre. Here you can download free ready-made sheets. I downloaded a few different ones and have found the school time table, shopping list and a to do list very helpful. They are hung in the kitchen and now I can see them and add to them if needs be. 

As a newbie to the world of laminating I was very happy to see the the Fellowes Laminator was really easy to use. All you need to do is switch on the laminator, select the correct pouch thickness, allow the laminator to heat up then insert the pouch and content into the machine! The whole process is very quick and takes only a minute or so. 

The laminator is 100% jam proof when using Fellowes pouches. It uses HotSwap technology which means you can change between different pouches without having to wait for the laminator to heat up or cool down. There is also a reverse button which allows you to retrieve or realign your pieces if needs be. The laminator also has a sleep mode function that activates after periods of inactivity, this helps reduce its energy consumption. It also HeatGuard technology. This is a patented advanced safety system that reduces the surface temperature of the laminator, ensuring it is always safe to touch meaning that it is never a hazard in the home. Which is extremely important to me especially when the boys are about.

I will certainly be laminating more of the boys pictures and school achievements in the future and with Christmas fast approaching I am sure they will be bringing lots of things home. Below is the picture James brought home. It is his first self portrait.

*We were sent the laminator for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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