A Little Boy’s Dream Come True…

Callum is a massive Arsenal FC fan, I blame is Godmother for this as she said when he was a baby that he just had to support them like she does. So fast forward eight years and I have a football mad son who loves to see his favourite team on the TV whenever they play.

As most of my family and friends know in my spare time I like to enter competitions. I have won some very nice things in the past but nothing tops my latest win. The prize I won has no price but to Callum it meant everything. Thanks to MasterCard and the competition they have been hosting on Facebook, he was chosen to be a mascot at the Arsenal v Marseille game last night at The Emirates Stadium.

As we live up in Yorkshire Callum had to leave school early but this was OK with his teachers especially when they knew he would also be on ITV. The trip took Callum and his dad just under 4 hours to get to the stadium and they even had a ride on the London Underground. Once he arrived Callum met all the other children who would also be going on to the pitch with him.

As you can see from the pictures below Callum had an amazing night. He walked on to the pitch with Flamini (player number 20) in front of the thousands of fans and was watched by millions on live TV. If he was nervous he really didn’t show it. Once his mascot duties were over he met his dad to watch the match.

I am the proudest mum on the planet today, I haven’t stopped telling people all about my little star. He really has had a once in a life time opportunity and he loved every minute. Thank you MasterCard for choosing us. You have made my little boy’s dreams come true. He walked out on to the pitch with his heroes and got to see them win a fantastic game – what more could he have asked for!. I am sure it is something he will never forget and will take great pleasure in years to come retelling the story of the day he was a mascot for Arsenal.

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