The Bubbling Fun Hair Washing Challenge

Last month Johnson’s contacted me to see if we would like to take part in their “Bubbling Fun Hair Washing Challenge”.  In order to complete the challenge we were some shampoo along with a pouring jug.

Some mums have already put the new shampoo through its paces and loved it. Their results concluded that:
  • 100% of mums agreed that it is easy to rinse off
  • 94% agreed that it made shampooing delightful
  • And 70% agreed that the shampoo kept the fun going all the way through bath time.

So we were asked to see if we agreed with these results.
The new shampoo from Johnson’s has been developed with the thought of making bath time fun. The new shampoo has a easy to use pump. The pump ensures that only a small amount of shampoo comes out when you pump it onto your hand or if your child is independent and wants to get their own shampoo too. It comes out of the pump as a foam.

We completed all 3 parts of the challenge.

Challenge 1 – DIY Fun Factor
The boys have always loved their  baths but when it comes to hair washing they sometimes get upset. Callum although he is 8 is probably the worst out of the 3 so I was really hoping that this new shampoo would help him too. James on the other hand is a water baby and doesn’t care about getting water in his eyes or anything. As you can see from the picture below James had fun using the shampoo in his hair. He didn’t need to use much as he only has short hair.

Challenge 2 – Funky Foam Fun 
This challenge was to make a funny hair style whilst hair was all lathered up in the shampoo. But as all the boys have really short hair we couldn’t do this part so well. But James did have fun squirting the pump and putting the shampoo into his hair. 

Challenge 3 – Rinse Ease

The final part of the challenge was for us to rinse the foam out. To do this we used the jug that we were sent. This made the process really easy as it is designed to help keep water out of the eyes. However without using this it still would have been an easy task as the shampoo is designed to be rinsed out easily, and because its Johnson’s it also is made with their no more tears formula so even if some should happen to stray down their faces it won’t hurt their eyes.

Overall I was really impressed with the shampoo. It did as it is meant to and it smells really lovely too. It left all 3 boys hair soft and smelling of peaches. If my friends were to ask me if I would recommend this product then the answer is yes. 

*I was invited by the JOHNSONโ€™Sยฎ Baby team to try their product and blog about it. They  sent me a free sample of the product and some additional bath time toys as a gift. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own*

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