Spy Net Ultravision Binoculars

For the last week Callum has turned super sleuth. You maybe wondering why. The reason for this is because he was sent some Spy Net Ultravision Binoculars to review.

When I first read that the binoculars had 5 vision modes, I was slightly worried that it would be complicated for Callum to differentiate between them or that they wouldn’t work all that well and that Callum would struggle to change between them.  But when I took a closer look at the binoculars once they were out of the box I noticed that this really wasn’t the case and that there were a number of easily marked buttons on the top. Callum said that it was easy to flick the switches and press the buttons and it was really easy to focus on his intended targets.

The binoculars can be used during the day and have Night Vision of up to 15 metres meaning you really can see in the dark. They also feature Thermo Tech for thermal imaging and have a Ghost Recon mode so you can “capture” shadow agents. These binoculars allow you to record video & take photos too so you back up any of your spying antics with evidence. Callum loved this and said that we all had to be on our best behaviour as he would be watching closely. As you can see from the videos below he was certainly spying on us all.

The video below was filmed by Callum spying on his brother. For this video he used the thermal imaging mode. As you can see it was very clear where the sources of heat were.

This next video he took using the night vision mode. It wasn’t completely dark in the room hence why the picture is slightly fuzzy. But you can see when I move my hand in front of him how clear it becomes.

Your agent can easily and safely upload their files via the included USB connection to SpyNetHQ.com to analyse their evidence with the lie detector software, conduct video and audio analysis, crack secret codes, train for missions with mini games and more!

To be able to take pictures and record videos you need to have a mini SD card. One isn’t provided in the box and although they can be cheap to purchase I do think that maybe this should be included when you buy the binoculars. This is my only complaint (and it is a very small complaint) about the binoculars they are an awesome gadget for boys aged 6 and over. They are very sturdy when you hold them and they even have a lanyard so you can hang them around your neck. They have a RRP £49.99 and can be bought from all good toy stockists both online and in store.

Callum’s dream job when he is older used to be either a footballer or racing car driver but he has now changed his mind and wants to be a spy!! Oh to be 8 years old again…

Disclaimer *We were sent this product for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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