Persil Small and Mighty Review

Doing the laundry is one of the chores that I really hate doing, especially when it comes to the weekend school uniform washes. As the mum of 3 boys I know that their PE kits and trousers will be covered in grass stains or mud and that their once white shirts will no doubt be covered in the loveliest (I use this term loosely and very sarcastically) shades of green, red and blue paint. In the past I have struggled to get many of these stains out and have even resorted to buying new uniform when the stains have been so bad. Luckily for me I was recently asked to review the new Persil Small and Mighty laundry detergent.

New Persil Small and Mighty is different to other detergents as it can be used as a pre-treater. I usually use a washing powder and then a separate stain remover if I think it is needed so I was very interested to try this out.  The new detergent has a Triple Cleaning System formulation and Stain Eraser Ball it has been specially developed with Mums in mind. The idea is that this detergent saves us mums time, gets rid of all those hard to remove stains and leaves clothes smelling lovely and fresh.

The bottle is easy to open with a flip lid and spout for easy no spill pouring.  You may have also noticed the Eraser Ball in the middle of the bottle. This simply pops out with a gentle push. You fill the ball with the required amount of liquid and then if needs be treat those stains by simply pouring a little liquid from the ball as it has a little spout on it so you can pour it where you need it most. The ball has little dimples on the underneath, this is so that you can rub the liquid into the stain before putting it into the washing machine.
Persil Small and Mighty is available to buy in most supermarkets from Β£4.69 for a 15 wash bottle. There are larger quantity bottles available too. But do keep an eye out in an eye out for in store promotions as prices will vary from store to store.
When I used the detergent I was very surprised as to how well it worked, I haven’t used it on any really bad stains as yet but so far it has removed some very stubborn grass stains and pasta sauce from James’ t-shirts. It left my washing clean and smelling lovely. I will certainly be buying in it in the future.
*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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