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Do you have lots of children to buy for this Christmas? Are they the type of children that are really hard to buy for? If you just answered yes to these questions then Miioon maybe of interest to you.

Miioon is a website where children can design their own pieces of clothing and just in time for Christmas Miioon are launching a gift card through ASDA (but can also be purchased online and sent via email) which makes it a really easy Christmas gift. This is an ideal gift for those hard to buy for god children, friends of children, young relatives etc. And will most definitely give them something fun to do on Christmas Day with mum, dad or an older sibling!

Miioon have different products that you can purchase. You can choose from a t-shirt, rucksack, swoopercape and oonchies. Prices start from £9.99

We were sent 3 gift cards for the boys to be able to make and purchase their own T-shirts. Miioon T-shirts are designed to have a slightly increased diameter at the neck to help avoid ears getting caught. Miioon also uses a super-combed cotton yarn which is lighter in weight and softer by nature than standard high street Tees. These features give that extra comfort and individual style. 

Miioon T-shirts have also been designed to ‘stand out’ from the crowd. They have a unique  stamp on the back of the neck so children can show everyone what they have created at Miioon.com. The T-shirts are made from beautifully soft 100% super-combed cotton. 

The following screen shots show how easy the website is for a child to navigate their way around it and its instructions are very clear to follow. This is the T-shirt that Nathan decided to make.

Firstly you choose the product that you would like to design and which lot of characters you would like – Nathan chose a T-shirt & The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
You then chose the colour of your chosen product and if it is for a boy or a girl – Nathan chose grey and for a boy
The next step involves choosing which character you would like – Nathan chose Donatello from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The next step was where Nathan chose which picture & caption he wanted on his T-shirt. There was a lot of choice.
The final step allows you to see what your finished product is going to look like.

All in all it probably took Nathan (with a little bit of help from me) about 15 – 20 minutes to design the T-shirt he wanted. He was very impressed with the end result and was even happier when it arrived just a few days later. Postage costs £2.50 for standard delivery or £4.95 for next day delivery. It is free if your order is more than £30. 

I think the T-shirts fit the boys really well. They start from 5 – 6 years old. I would definitely recommend Miioon. The T-shirts are good quality, they fit well and were delivered quickly. If you’re struggling to find a gift for a fussy child then this is definitely something to consider.

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