Jake and the Never Land Pirates Tiki Hideout

James and Nathan are both huge fans of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They hardly ever miss an episode and love seeing Jake and his friends outsmart Captain Hook and his crew.

They are also huge fans of the action figures and play sets. We already have Jake’s Ship Bucky, Skull Island, numerous figures and a smaller pirate ship for Captain Hook. The boys love playing with these toys and they are always off making up a new adventure for Jake and his friends to go off on. We were recently asked to review the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Tiki Hideout, this was a welcome addition to the toys that the boys already have.

The first thing that I noticed was the lack of packaging around the play set. There is nothing more annoying than trying to fight your way through lots of plastic and cardboard. The play set is fastened into the box via cardboard ties (so much easier to open than cable ties) and 2 small plastic clips that are easy to unscrew. All the packaging is recyclable except for 4 small plastic bits.

Once the Hide Out is out of the box that is it, there is very minimal assembly and when I say minimal it is literally clipping a slide into place – yes that really is it. There are no stickers to try and put in place, no fiddly plastic pieces that you know will fall off and be lost within a day – NOTHING!!! I love this about the toy, in fact all the other Jake and the Never Land Pirates have been exactly the same. This is great for both parents and impatiently waiting little children. My boys are quite good at waiting but they hate it when I am still struggling to assemble something which should have taken a matter of minutes an hour later.

Jake’s Tiki Hideout is where Jake & his pirate crew live. It is kitted out with different defenses to stop those pesky pirates from getting in. There is a secret entrance, a rising crows nest, a working cannon (with bullets), a slide and Captain Hook’s oldest foe Tick Tock Croc hangs out here too. What I love is that this play set is made from strong plastic. It isn’t flimsy and is very well made.


There are 3 activation points on the play set these make the secret entrance appear, raise and lower the crows nest and  make Tick Tock Croc swim in his pool. To activate any of these you simply place the Tiki on any of the 3 ‘X’ spots.


This play set is priced at £44.99. You can purchase this and other action figures from Argos online.

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