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Chuggington Stack Track Review

If you have little boys or are regular watchers of the CBeebies channel then you will most likely have heard about or seen Chuggington. If you haven’t then you should definitely check it out. Chuggington is a cartoon about a set of young trains who are in training. Each episode sees one or more of them take on a new task to help them become better trains. My three boys have all grown up watching the show and James still loves it now. We were recently sent some toys from Tomy to review. We were sent two of the new Stack Track play sets and two engines.

The first set we opened was the Koko’s Icy Escapade playset. If you are fans of the show you may have noticed that this playset is based on an episode in which Koko has to be careful going down a bridge. She has to pick up some ice cargo, crash through some ice gates and deliver the ice. This playset is priced at £32.99. Included in the set is Koko the train and cart plus all the pieces you need to make a decent sized track.


The second set we were sent to review is the Rescue at the Rocky Ridge Mine playset again this is based on one of the TV episodes. In this episode Wilson comes to Kokos rescue when she finds herself in trouble. Included is a Wilson toy and all the pieces you need to build a great track. This playset is priced at between £34.99 – £39.99.

Both playsets have step by step instructions that are very easy to follow. It didn’t take us very long to construct both sets which I think is great as there is nothing worse than impatient children “trying to help” or constantly asking how long until they can play with it. All the pieces are chunky, they have clean joins and fit perfectly together. It is recommended that you construct the sets on a solid surface to ensure that it is stable.



What I love about these sets is that you can make multiple layouts, in fact, each of these have 4 different layouts to choose from. As you can see from the picture below you can also add sets with other Chuggington sets to create bigger layouts. Another thing about these playsets is that you can build the tracks higher instead of out across the floor. You can also buy extension kits too to make your original tracks longer.


Each play set comes with a train but you can also buy more individually these are priced around £4.99 and there are lots to choose from so you can collect them all too. Which means even more fun to play with.
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