Bath Time Means Fun Time With Tomy Aqua Fun Toys

James is and always has been my little water baby. I am sure he was a fish in a previous life. If he isn’t in the bath at home he is always asking to play in the sink with toys and at school, if you ask him what he has been doing at school at least 3 times out of 5 he will tell you he has been playing with the water tray with his friends.

This month Tomy sent us some of their Aqua Fun toys to play with, as you can probably guess these were a huge hit with our resident water-loving little boy.


The first toy James wanted to play with was the Swim ‘N’ Sing Turtle. He is priced at £11.99. As his name suggests he sings whilst he swims. James thought this was very funny.
To make him swim you simply wind up the button on his back. To hear him sing you press the button on his head. As you can see from the video below he sings better when he is swimming on his back as the sound comes out of his mouth which is under the water.
The next toy James played with was the Surfin’ Beaver. Just like Sing ‘N’ Swim Turtle he is priced at £11.99. He is also a wind up toy and has a wind up button on his back and if you press his tale he also plays a tune whilst surfing up and down the bath.
The last toys James tried out was the Turtle Tots. These cute little things can stick to your bath and squirt water from their bellies! James loved this and is always trying to squirt me or his brothers if they happen to be in the bathroom whilst he is having his bath. What I love about this toy is that you can use the big turtles legs to pour water and as they are different colours and shapes we get added learning whilst having bath time too. This toy is priced at £14.99.


Overall I would say that James enjoyed playing with these toys. They are perfect for introducing children to playing in the bath.

You can follow Tomy on Twitter to find out more information about this or other Tomy toys/products. For more information about these toys or similar, you can find out more on the Tomy website.

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this review – All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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