The Anagranimals & The Wishing Tree Book Review

Recently the boys were sent a book called The Anaganimals and the Wishing Tree to review. We were very happy about this as we love books. 
The Anaganimals and the Wishing Tree is a new book by Leith Moghli. It is illustrated by Ian King. I have to admit that these are fantastic. I especially love the picture of the Wishing Tree.
The book tells the story of a group of animals in a land called Pogo Bogo. They find a wishing tree and are allowed to make a wish. They all wish for the best parts of their favourite animals.

The book is aimed at 5 – 9 year olds. I did notice that there is a lot of text per page and although Nathan can read quite well he is not used to so much text at a time. Callum on the other hand loves reading longer stories and had no problem at all and happily read the story on his own. We also enjoyed the story together as a bedtime story and all 3 boys loved the names of the newly transformed animals. Our favourites were the “Hippo-Rillo-Roo’ and the “Ele-Zeb-Zee’. We had lots of giggles throughout the story.

The book was released on 1st September and is the first installment of a great adventure. You can find out more, read the next installment and other stories at www.Anagranimals.com. We will certainly be checking it out to see how the adventures continues.

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