Skwooshi Activity Set Review

When I was asked if the boys would like to review Skwooshi a couple of months a go I really didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for. I am the type of mum who lets her children have minimal crafty things at home. My reason for this is mess. I hate mess and I hate it even more when things are ruined because molding materials have been trodden into carpets or paints have been dropped and splashed up the walls. I think my hatred for all things messy came about when my brother was little and my mum allowed him to use dough in the front room. He got it everywhere and it would not come out of the carpet once it had been walked all over by the then 5 year old brother. My parents weren’t impressed at all. So I have tried to keep the mess to a minimum in my own home with the boys.

So what is Skwooshi I hear you ask? Skwooshi is a cool new compound that can be stretched, molded, and
shaped. It is mess free and will never dry out. (see my earlier comments about things making a mess – this doesn’t – huge thumbs up from me here because of this). On holding Skwooshi I would say it does feel strange. It has a very funny texture, it feels like sand but is durable and solid like dough. It is easy to squash and squeeze and extremely easy to mold and make things out of.

Skwooshi is available in 10 different colours. The set we reviewed came with 3 colours, a brick maker, a plunger, a cutter, 4 cookie cutters, a roller and an instruction sheet.  It is also wheat and gluten free.

  You can play with Skwooshi on any surface. It doesn’t stick or stain fabrics or carpets meaning no mess at all. )I may have mentioned this before – but I love this about it) If bits do escape whilst playing it is easy to clean up, you can simply sweep or vacuum it away. 

Skwooshi is available to buy in different sets. It is suitable for children aged 3 years + to play with. The set we received is priced around £12.99 and can be bought both online and in store from good toy stockists such as Smyths.

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