Panasonic KX-TG6811 Digital Phone

We had recently been thinking about getting a new cordless telephone as although we have two already you can guarantee that they will always stop ringing just as your about to answer it. So we decided that we needed a  third handset for in the kitchen. We looked at the cordless phones on the John Lewis website as we had some vouchers to spend in the store. We decided on a couple we liked and decided to go to our local store to get a closer look and feel for the phones.

We settled on the  Panasonic KX-TG6811 as the two handsets we already use are both Panasonic, this meant that we could easily add the new handset to the existing base station.
The Panasonic KX-TG6811 is an easy to use digital cordless telephone, it is priced at £29.95 and is the perfect phone if like us you want to add an extra handset or simply as the main phone in your home.

What attracted me to this phone is that you can have upto 15 hours of talk time and 170 hours of standby time, it is energy efficient phone that has a long battery life, ensuring that it’s more likely to be ready for your calls when you need it. There is even an ECO button which allows you to put the phone into a power saving mode, which can help save battery life by up to 78% of its power. The phone also has a range of up to 300m and you can choose between one of thirty different ringtones.
The phone has room to store up to 120 names and numbers in the phone book, and finding a name / number couldn’t be simpler as it really is just a few button presses to find them.
The Phones main benefits are:
  • A Large 1.8-inch amber backlit LCD display
  • It has caller ID with 50-station memory
  • Has a hands-free speakerphone.
  • 120 name and number phonebook
  • Power-saving eco mode.
  • I am really impressed with my new phone, it feels nice to hold when making a call. The buttons are just the right size to press easily too. The quality of the phone is great and I would recommend it.

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