Back to School With Clarks

With just over 2 weeks left of the school holidays now is the time I start to buy all the bits and pieces the boys need. First on my list is always their shoes. Once these are bought I then move on to uniform. Callum and Nathan went along with James to choose some new shoes from Clarks.

They both had their feet measured using the machine just as James had. Again Wendy worked her magic with them and they both cooperated with her. – Its amazing how much better they behave when it is someone else asking them to stand still or walk a few steps for me then come back.

Callum is now a size 2.5F and Nathan a size 11E. So he is only half a size bigger than James. I wonder if when they get their feet measured next time he will have smaller feet?

The boys took it in turns having choosing their shoes. Nathan chose first and then Callum. As with James Wendy brought them both 3 pairs of shoes to choose from. They both chose a pair of Jack Nano shoes.  Nathan chose the same pair as James (the Jack Shine) and Callum chose the Jack Nano Reflect.

The Jack Nano Shine shoes are made from black leather and are perfect for school, they also have a rubberised toe guard, and as any mum would know boys seem to be able to scuff the toes on their shoes almost immediately after purchase. The shoes fasten using 2 Velcro strips, this makes them really easy for a child to fasten and adjust them correctly.

The shoes are available from a size 10 and go up to a 12.5. They also come in 4 different widths (E – H). The shoes are priced at Β£38. 

The Reflect shoes are made of leather, they have have light reflecting side panels and webbing. The shoes fasten with two Velcro straps, meaning that they will fasten securely. The shoes also have really good grip on their soles meaning they are good all year round shoes. The shoes are available in sizes 10 – 4 (half sizes are available) and in width fittings E – G. They are priced at Β£40.

Each pair of Jack Nano shoes comes with a Yotoy and an access token so you can unlock another level of fun on the free Clarks Jack Nano Racing app. For more details on how to download from the Apple Store or Google Play click here. 

We were given an appointment slot for all 3 boys to have their feet measured. You can go into your local store and wait to be served, or to save time and possibly a long wait you can book an appointment online.

*We were sent vouchers to purchase the above products  for the purpose of this review – All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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