Madd Gear BP1 Beginner Pro Scooter

This is Callum’s new scooter. He has had scooters in the past but nothing like his new one. It is called the Madd Gear BP1 Beginner Pro Scooter.
The difference between this scooter and other ones that Callum has had before is that this scooter is an entry-level extreme scooter, it is an ideal first scooter for young riders wanting to learn skills and tricks. It has been specifically designed for younger riders who are new to extreme scooter riding and is the smallest of the all the MGP Scooters. This scooter is aimed at children aged 8 – 11 years old.
When you first open the box you see that the scooter arrives in two pieces, the handles and a solid one-piece deck that is securely bolted together this makes the deck far sturdier than a lot of other standard folding scooters. 
The  wheels on the scooter are constructed from hard wearing materials, this gives the wheels a longer life meaning they wont wear away too quickly. 

Callum was impressed with the detail on the scooter and was pleased that he could choose his favourite colour green.

Here are the important factors that you need to know:
  • 1-Piece Deck
  • Double Collar Clamp
  • Hardwearing 100mm / 98a Plastic Core Wheels
  • One Piece Bars
  • EVA PRO Grips
  • Threaded Headset
  • Quick Stop Brake
  • ZXZ – C PRO Bearings
  • Scooter weight: Approx 3.32kg
You can purchase this scooter at the moment for Β£69.95 and you can find out more information about this scooter and others atSkates.co.uk..

Although Callum hasn’t started doing skills and tricks yet it wont be long before he is at the local skate park trying some out.  

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