Gardening Fun With Wilkinsons

This week we have finally been able to carry out a review of some items that Wilkinsons sent us a couple of months ago. We have been  awaiting the return of the nice sunny weather as all we’ve had here is the dull cold miserable variety. So when the sun finally made its appearance we wasted no time in getting to work. We were sent a variety of gardening items to review.

We were sent some seeds to plant and some tools – a rake and a trowel. These are all designed with children in mind as the packaging is eye catching and the tools are brightly coloured and the right size for smaller hands.

You can buy these and other varieties from Wilkinsons at very affordable prices.  Here is a list of some of the items we were sent and others that are available to buy:

  • Cool Carrots Kit – £1 
  • Sunflower Activity Kit – £5
  • Children’s Carbon Steel Hand Fork -£1
  • Children’s Carbon Steel Hand Trowel – £1
  • Carbon Steel Kids’ Spade – £5
James has been learning about plants at nursery, he even brought home a Sunflower that he had started from a seed in a yogurt pot. So he asked if we could plant it in the garden using his new tools. 

So now all we have to do is wait and see how our flowers and veggies grow, which is something James doesn’t understand as he asked me “why haven’t they grown yet?” and “Where are my flowers?” Literally two minutes after we had finished planting them. I can see these next few months going by very slowly.

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