There’s No Trash Where The Trash Pack Is Concerned?

Recently the boys were sent a package containing lots of Trash Pack goodies. We have reviewed Trash Pack products in the past and they went down a storm with all 3 boys and they couldnt get enough of the gruesome little critters.  I didn’t realise that there were other products on the market other than the toys until we were sent our fabulous bundle of tricks. We were sent a duvet set, a tshirt, an activity pack, a Trashie Families card game set, some trading cards and some individual Trashies.
The first thing the boys spotted and wanted to open was the individually wrapped Trashies. They come in their own little trash cans. We were sent 3 Trashies. 

We were also sent a pack of trading cards which Callum assures me are going to be the next “big thing” at school as they are both cool and gruesome – something which boys seem to love. On the back of each card is their filth factor, they have 4 factors and a rating of 1 – 5. The higher the score the filthier the Trashie. They are rated on their “Stink Score” and “Gross Gauge” along with other things. 

The next item that the boys looked at was the Trashie Families card game. All 3 boys loved this game as it is very similar to games that they already have and play well together. The aim of the game is to find the 4 Trashies that belong in the same family. The boys played the game where all the cards were placed face down on the floor and they took it in turns picking cards to see if the matched. Although this isn’t the way to play the game it worked well for them. The other way to play is to deal the cards out equally and take it in turns asking each other if they have cards that match their families. Callum and I played this version of the game.

As you can see below Nathan looks fab in his tshirt and he thinks its great – he has also claimed the duvet set for his bed.

All the above items are available to buy from most good toy retailers both instore and online. Prices range from a couple of pound up to Β£20 for the duvet set. Some of the products are ideal to buy with pocket money or to purchase as a reward or present. We love our Trashies and will certainly be buying more in the future. 

*We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review*

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