Shloer Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch

Shloer is the perfect soft drink to be sipping in your garden when you’re having a barbeque or chilling with a book in the sun. It is a sparkling fruit flavoured grape juice drink. Recently I was sent a bottle of their new flavour to try.
Shloer Raspberry and Rhubarb punch is created from a blend of red and white grape juices and raspberry and rhubarb flavours. It is made using the best ingredients to ensure you get a great quality drink.When I first looked at the drink I wasn’t too sure if I would like it or not as the flavour doesn’t sound appealing to me. But I was surprised by how nice and refreshing it actually was. The two fruits complement each other and taste very fruity. As the bottle says sparkling I was also expecting it to be quite fizzy but this wasn’t the case.

Shloer has a range of drinks that are perfect for all social occasions. These are available to buy in 75cl bottles and priced around £2.29 depending on where you shop.



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