Here Comes The Sun… Finally!!!

In the words of the famous Beatles song “here comes the sun, it feels like years since it’s been here” and it certainly seems that way up here in Yorkshire. After what seems the longest coldest winter ever we finally have sun… Yes I know its amazing isn’t it. Although the weather forecasters have been promising us this for the whole of the weekend and even a couple of weeks ago nothing significant has materialised until today, it is the first day we’ve actually been able to go out and enjoy it without the accompanied gale force winds and for the first time this year without our coats or a jumper ๐Ÿ˜€

The boys were bought a new trampoline at Christmas and they have finally had chance to put their bouncing skills to use. Lets hope they bounce off some of that energy too.

So is this miraculous change in weather going to last? not according to my phone weather report its not – it looks like the rain is ready to come from tomorrow and last all week – just as I’m about to do a full week of school runs then – you could also most say that its typical lol. But fingers crossed this is just a blip and the sun doesnt say away to long as we actually quite like it either that or I best start saving up to emigrate somewhere nice and warm.

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