Fruit Bowl Snacks Review

In a recent study undertaken by Fruit Bowl the results showed that over half the parents questioned struggle to get their children to eat fruit, on further reading it also found that 1 in 10 mums found it so difficult that they had given up trying. I have to admit that I am one of the parents that finds it hard but I am happy to say I haven’t given up yet and I don’t intend too either.

Out of the three boys I only have one that is a fussy eater and that is Nathan. I don’t know what his problem with fruit and vegetables is. He will only eat bananas and raisins but nothing else and if you put vegetables on his dinner plate be prepared for lots of tears and tantrums. As a baby I weaned him exactly the same way I did with Callum and I even weaned James exactly the same way after too. So I am at a loss as to where his dislike has come from. We have always eaten a well balanced diet and given the boys a mixture of different foods. He is totally different to the other two as they will eat practically anything put in front of them. James will even tell you he loves broccoli and carrots.

We were recently asked to try some Fruit Bowl snacks. We were sent some Strawberry fruit flakes, yogurt covered strawberry flakes and some School Bars to review.

The first person I asked to try them was Nathan and I was surprised to see that he liked them, I was prepared for him pulling faces and not even trying any of them before saying he didn’t like them but I was totally wrong he tried them and he liked them a lot. I’m not sure what it is he actually likes but he said that they tasted nice. He said he liked the yogurt covered flakes the best but the others tasted nice too.

The products are ideal for packed lunches, picnics and for snacks on the go. But if your child is particularly fussy and wont entertain the idea of eating the fruit flakes from the packet you could add them to their favourite cereals or even when you are baking. They are suitable for children who follow gluten free and vegetarian diets.

Each packet or bar is the equivalent to one portion of your child’s five a day. So if you have a fussy eater like Nathan then these may just be the snack for you to try. We now have Nathan from eating three / four portions a day instead of one or maybe two. He will quite happily have a bag of the yogurt covered flakes and a School Bar in with his lunch. I no longer despair that he isn’t getting enough. He still won’t entertain vegetables but so longs he is eating a bigger variety of fruit each day then I am a very happy mummy.

You can find Fruit Bowl products in the supermarket both in individual packets and multipacks. A single portion packet retails around 45p and a 5 x mulitpack is around Β£2.00. Prices will vary depending on which shop you go to but you may find them on offer from time to time. We were sent Strawberry products but you can also purchase others including Blackcurrent, Raspberry and Orange.

We will definitely be buying Fruit Bowl products in the future for Nathan, if I can get him to eat even one of these products a day then this to me is 100% progress and a giant leap in the right direction.

*I was sent the Fruit Bowl Products for the purpose of this review*

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