Vtech Gadget Review

Meet Gadget, the Robot. He is a fabulous toy from Vtech and very cute (well for a robot anyway). He is both educational and fun. He is aimed at children aged 3 – 7 years old. We were recently sent Gadget to review and as James is a huge fan of robots he certainly didn’t disappoint in our household.
One of the things that I love about Gadget is that hes very interactive, his body spins around and his ears, eyes, arms and even his eyebrows move. He even dances and he never shuts up whilst being played with (unless of course you press the button on the top of his head to turn him off). Luckily for us parents he has two volume levels and if hes not being played with he does have an automatic shut off. He is quite sturdy and is made of durable materials so can withstand a few drops or knocks and is built to last, None of the bits of him that can move are made from flimsy plastic so they definitely cant be broken easily. I hate when you pay a lot of money for a toy that is good but totally rubbish in reality. With gadget you have no worries about this at all. 
Gadget teaches, letters, numbers, objects, music and more. He has six different modes of play that are designed to engage and stimulate your child. He can teach a child basic counting skills and he encourages independent play by asking your child to move certain parts of his body.
He comes with 26 letters / object tokens and 4 funny tokens. These tokens are kept in his green backpack that is attached to his back. The tokens are a reasonable size so cant be swallowed.

Depending on the play / learning mode you have Gadget in depends on what he will ask you to do with the tokens. He may ask you to feed him a certain number of tokens or he may tell you which letter you have fed him and show you a word and an object of that letter that he has eaten. He will store these tokens in his belly and once full will eject them from his special flap.

Gadget is available to buy both in stores or online and will vary in price from around £30. Both James and I think he is worth every penny. He has helped James with his colours and counting. James laughs when he dances and he knows that if he claps his hands Gadget will respond as he has a sound sensor too. 

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