Magic Sapstone Belt and Holopax Set

My three are huge fans of the Cbeebies programme Tree Fu Tom and even I have been known to hum the theme tune. Tree Fu Tom is set in an enchanted world where movement creates magic. Tom may appear to be a normal eight-year-old boy, but by putting on his magic belt and performing a special sequence of magic action-movements (known as Tree Fu), he transforms into a tiny but mighty magical super-hero! The show promotes the importance of movement and encourages kids to get up and move as they help Tom make Tree Fu magic and save the day!

We were recently asked to review the Magic Sapstone Belt and Holopax Set. 

Nathan loves the Sapstone Belt and says it gives him magic powers. I think this is because as he was wearing the belt, the more he moved, the more the Sapstone glowed and the “Tree Fu magic” built up! We found that if Nathan moved for 40 seconds or more then the light would stay on for 2 minutes, but if he didn’t move for this long it stopped glowing really quickly. You need 2 x AAA batteries to make the belt work, these are not supplied.

Both the Sapstone Belt and Holopax have adjustable straps that are both easy to secure and generous in size. 
This set is great for fans aged 3 and up. You can purchase it from Toys R Us or The Entertainer priced around £15.

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