Beverly Hills Formula Dentist’s Choice Toothpaste

I hate teeth, this is one of my biggest phobias and something I have lived with since being small and losing a baby tooth that had a small hole in it. I don’t know why it started my phobia off as it didn’t cause me any problems or pain but I can’t stand to touch or look at teeth that have fallen out and leave all “tooth fairy” duties to someone else. For this reason I am very particular about my oral healthcare and try to look after my teeth the best I can. So far, in my nearly 30 years I have only ever needed 4 fillings and my Nana once told me you lose a tooth for every child you have so I think I have done brilliantly so far. Recently I have been trying some Beverly Hills Formula Dentist’s Choice Toothpaste that I was kindly sent to review.

The toothpaste boasts a unique gum protection system that contains Vitamin E to invigorate and strengthen the gums, fluoride to protect the exposed root area, and Permethol to help reduce and stop bleeding gums, it also includes Panthenol, Q10 and Folic Acid to help promote healthy gum tissues.

The toothpaste can remove stains in just 1 minute. Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert toothpaste is also proven to be less abrasive when compared with other leading brands of both whitening and regular toothpaste, protecting against tooth decay whilst restoring your teeth to a natural, white colour without using harsh abrasives or bleach.

By using Beverly Hills Formula Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert toothpaste you no longer need suffer from inflammation, irritation and swelling of the gums. I found the toothpaste pleasant in taste and unlike some toothpastes it wasn’t too strong. I didn’t think my teeth were stained as I’m not a smoker or a huge tea and coffee drinker and always clean my teeth twice a day. But I was quite surprised by the result. My teeth looked brighter and cleaner.

More information about this and other Beverly Hills Formula products can be found at www.beverlyhillsformula.com. You can buy this toothpaste for around £3 in all good chemists both online and in store.

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