Always Look on The Bright Side of Life (or try to anyway)

One of my closest friends says I have a negative outlook on life and always see the bad in everything. I honestly don’t think this is the case at all, as I think I am a realist and never expect things to be better than they are and if something upsets me then I will dwell on it a little while before moving on.

So as its a new year I have a new resolution and to prove to my friend I can focus on the good. To do this I have a Jar. Now you may thing this is strange but there is a reason for my Jar. I intend to collect all the snippets of good news or good things that happen to myself. my family and our friends and put them in the jar. I intend to empty them out on new years eve so I can read them through and if she says I’m having one of my “moments” I can see how full my jar is and how many good points we’ve had so far. And so far we have FOUR good things and the year is still so young. I have a feeling this year is going to be good.

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