12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – For Older Children

As part of our 12 Days of Christmas (you already know we’ve been running some lovely competitions and giveaways) we thought we would also try to give you a helping hand with some gift ideas suitable for children of all ages. I have written three posts, one for gift ideas suitable for older children, one suitable for younger children and one full of crafty gift ideas for children of all ages.

Here are some gift ideas suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Trash Pack – Trashie Street Sweeper

First up for boys who love all things gross is the Trashie Street Sweeper, it has been tipped as a must have toy for this Christmas. The sweeper with its rotten
rollers rotate and sweep your Trashies into the waste catcher! Crash your
sweeper and watch as the waste catcher ejects freeing your Trashies! The Trashie Street Sweeper comes with
two exclusive Trashies and their bins! In the summer we reviewed the The Trash Pack Scum Drum and my boys thought it was great, the Trashie Street Sweeper makes a great accompaniment to this.

The Trashie Street Sweeper has a RRP of £19.99 and can be bought from most toy stockists. The Trash Pack launched in December 2011 and is proving to be extremely popular with over 3 million individual Trashies have been collected. Series 3 Trashies will be available before Christmas, and will include loads more gross characters to discover.


The Scatter brainz are designed with boys in mind, especially if your boys are like mine and like anything gory and disgusting. You only have to mention the words “fart” or “blood and guts” in my house and all 3 boys fall about laughing and making jokes. The Scatterbrainz are a dart shaped toy, each dart has a unique character. The darts have a sticky squashed brain tip. You fire them and try to hit the target board. They would make an excellent stocking filler for any boy who likes gory and grewsome things. The darts come in two size packs – a 3 dart or 8 dart pack with prices starting from as little as £4.99. There are other Scatterbrainz toys available to buy too.

Schleich Dinosaurs

Any little boy who loves dinosaurs will love these life like models from Schleich.  They would make a fab little stocking filler for any dinosaur fan. James my youngest is a huge dinosaur fan and loves these figures, I love these figures as they are really quite well made and are designed to withstand rough play as they are quite sturdy and I think they would have trouble breaking them. My boys make the dinosaurs fight with each, run across the floor and have also been known to fly through the air. The dinosaurs from Schleich start from £9.99 but this is dependent on  where you buy them from.

Doctor Who Quantum Lokk Device

Lastly we have the Doctor Who Quantum Lokk , this offers the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience; the Cleric Wars App and Q.L.A. Device is an immersive, Augmented Reality (AR) first-person mobile application game for iPhone and Android smart phones.

The devise enables players to battle enemies in their own room! Dalek, Cybermen and Angels appear as if real, on the screen via Augmented Reality (AR). 

It requires 2 x AAA batteries and either a iOS: iPhone 4 and above; iPod Touch 4th generation or one of elected phones running Google Android 2.3.3, 1GHz processor, 512MB, with back-facing camera. Note: Phones must support iPhone-compatible headphones with built-in microphone unless otherwise specified on the support site: www.appgear.com/devices. This would be an awesome present for any Dr Who fan. 

*We were sent the above toys for our Christmas feature piece*

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