We Are Having A Party… A Sylvanian Families Party!!

The boys and I have been asked to host a party. We are really excited and can’t wait until the 16th of October as we will be hosting a Sylvanian Families Party along with 25 other bloggers over on Twitter. The boys have been busy inviting their friends and there will be 10 children all together attending our party.

A few days ago we had a massive parcel delivered. The parcel contained everything we will need for our party, toys for the boys and their friends to play with, games for them to take part in and prizes for them to try and win. We will also be having a picnic tea whilst we play our games.

I know most people think that Sylvanian Families are mainly for girls but I’m pretty sure that by the end of our party we will have changed their minds and show them that boys can play with and enjoy them just as much.
We will be tweeting throughout our party on the 16th of October and hope that our readers will join in the fun. The party starts at 4pm and will last for 2 hours, so make sure you come over to Twitter and use #sylvanianfamiliesparty so you don’t miss any of the action.

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