Vtech Switch & Go Dinos – Lex the T-Rex

James, like most little boys is a huge fan of cars and dinosaurs so when we were asked if we’d like to review on of Vtechs newest toys he was a very happy boy when he saw what we had been sent.

The Vtech Switch and Go Dinos are a very clever 2 in 1 toy. They are aimed at boys aged 3 – 9 years old. We were sent Lex the T-Rex. The toy switches from a car to a dinosaur in a matter of a few moves and in a minute or two and it is really easy to transform too.

The toys are made from good quality materials and wont break too easily, I have noticed recently that with many toys they aren’t built or as strong as they could be and when you are paying a lot of money for them you want them to last and be able to be played with more than once. 

Lex has an interactive screen, if he is in T- Rex mode you can see his eyes, if hes in car mode you see the driver. Lex is really intelligent too and he knows when you are transforming him and will switch accordingly. You can choose from different drivers in car mode and if hes in dinosaur mode you can choose different from different dinosaur faces. He has over 50 sounds and voice phrases, and he tells you lots of interesting dinosaur facts. Lex requires 2 x AAA batteries but these are included.

James playing with Lex in both dinosaur and car mode

Lex is priced around £15.99 and available from most places that sell toys. There are other Switch & Go Dinos too and would make a great addition and James already has his eye on another one. We give Lex a roaring 5/5. 

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