Spongebob Square Pants Earplugs

Recently I was asked if the boys would like to try out some SpongeBob Square Pants ear plugs.

These ear plugs are suitable for children with grommets and they don’t actually go right into the ear they just sit over them. 

The earplugs can be used for swimming, showering, or noise reduction. If used for swimming these ear plugs are not suitable to be used in depths over 10 feet. They’re made with soft silicone so wont hurt small ears. The picture does distort once you’ve pressed the plug into an ear, but this really isn’t a problem.

SpongeBob SquarePants earplugs come in packs of three reusable pairs in a waterproof carry case. You can reuse them until they become dirty or lose their stickiness 

The earplugs have an RRP £4.99.

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