Bizzybee Gloves and Cloths

Like all other mums and housewives my days pretty much consist of cleaning and tidying up after the family (its not all watching Jeremy Kyle and drinking cups of tea you know) which now that James has started nursery on a morning is a much easier task, I find that if I do a through tidy up on a Monday and a Friday morning I don’t have much to do throughout the rest of the week and on a weekend which can now be spent doing things with the boys and Matthew. Over the last couple of weeks I have been using a range of Bizzybee products whilst doing my usual chores around the house.

I was sent a mixture of products to try out, these included multipurpose cloths, rubber gloves and scourers. What I love about Bizzybee products is that they make housework that little bit more glamorous – lets face it housework is pretty dull.  

The multicoloured clothes are extra strong and absorbent and they are machine washable, meaning you can use them over and over. They also look fab when your doing your cleaning with the pink spotty gloves. They have an RRP of £1.29 for a pack of 5 cloths. The Bizzybee Cleaning Kit contains 3 microfibre cleaning cloths, Each does a different job. The blue cloth polishes and shines glass, the fluffy and absorbent green cloth can be used in the bathroom and to wipe down other wet surfaces and the purple one has a raised surface which is used in the kitchen to remove dirt and leaves surfaces spotless. The kit has an RRP of £4.50. I love the Bizzybee scourers, they are non scratching  and really sparkly so add a touch of glamour while your washing the dishes and especially those pots that need that extra bit of elbow grease to get clean. They also have an RRP of £1.29 for a pack of two.

I was also sent some of Bizzybee’s gloves to try out. First up I tried the moisturising gloves, these gloves are ideal for people who have an allergy to latex as they are latex free and made from vinyl instead, they contain a natural moisturiser which which protects and cares your skin. They are priced at £2.49 a pair.  The pretty pink spotty gloves have a comfortable knitted cotton lining, they are extremely durable and are all you will need either cleaning inside or out. They are priced at £4.98. I have pretty small hands and I found them comfy to wear and they fitted my hands perfectly. Lastly I tried the multipurpose gloves. I love that they are purple in colour (as its my favourite colour). They have a raised grip pattern making it easier to pick up and grip delicate objects. The gloves are really strong and will last. They also have a soft cotton lining making them really comfy to wear. They have an RRP of £1.50 a pair.

I love the Bizzybee range of cleaning products, not only do they do a fabulous job at helping me keep the house looking spic and span they also look great hanging over my taps or by the side of my sink. They really do brighten the place up. All my friends ask where did I get them from. 

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