12 Days of Christmas in November Giveaway

Everyone has heard of the Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”… and as the song is about giving gifts for 12 days I thought that we could do the same. So for 12 days I will be hosting some wonderful competitions for all our readers.

The boys and I are super excited about Christmas this year, now for me this is a first as usually I am so unorganised and end up stressed to the max and can usually been seen racing around the high street and supermarket in the week running up to Christmas. Every year my mother in law tells me to prepare and plan and be organised and as I nod in agreement I secretly think she knows I will do no such thing. However this year is different, almost all the presents are bought for everyone and the only things I need to do is wrap presents, enjoy the school nativities and carol services, buy a new tree and do the enormous food shop. You could say I’m feeling a bit smug this year and you would be right, like I say this is my first year in many years that I am well prepared.

So because I am so prepared and would like to enjoy as much of December being stress free I have decided to hold my Christmas giveaway in November, from 19th November we will be giving away one fabulous prize away each day for 12 days. We have lots already organised and have some great prizes that I think our readers and their children will really like.

Come back everyday from 19th November to see what we have in store for you all. Prizes will be able to be won here on the blog and over on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure your following us.

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