Trash Pack Scum Drum Review

Over the last two weeks Callum has been trying out a new toy which I’m almost positive will be massive this year for boys of all ages. He has been playing with the Trash Pack Scum Drum from Flair.

What on earth is a Scum Drum I hear you ask? and what in the world are the Trash Pack? two very good questions that I will try and answer for you. The Scum Drum is a game where you can play against your friends with “trashies”. The Scum Drum is where you can play with your Trashies, it is also in the shape of an oil can. The Trash Pack or Trashies as they are known are a collection of foul looking rubbery toys. There are 6 different gangs of  Trashies to collect, each one representing something you would find in the bottom of your rubbish bin – nice!! So now you know.

Here are the four Trashies that came with our Scum Drum, as you can see they are delightfully gross.

Each Trashie has a gruesome name of its own and Callum found this really funny, he told me this was one of his favourite bits about them. He thinks that “Spew – Ghetti” and “Bum – Bug” have the best names – I can’t imagine why he’d think this but I suppose he is now at the age where he finds anything that mentions the words bum, poo, spew etc funny.

The Scum Drum is aimed at boys aged 6 – 11years old but both James and Nathan also enjoyed playing with Callum. The Scum Drum has a RRP of £24.99 and is available from all good toy retailers, you can also top up your Trashie collection and add other accessories too as there are over 100 trashies to collect.

The good thing about the Scum Drum is that there are 6 different games you can play with it, some of the games you can play on your own others need at least 2 players, but there is plenty to keep little boys entertained thats for sure. Callum said he loved playing with the Scum Drum and wants to collect even more of the gross little dudes so that he has even more to play with. Yet again I can see his list to Santa getting longer and longer.

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