CuddleUppet Review

My boys have always had a favourite blanket and a favourite toy each. These were bought or made for them when they were first born. They are so attached to them that if they don’t have them they can’t sleep without them. I have spent many a night looking high and low for misplaced toys and blankets,  I was just the same when I was younger, I had my favourite teddy (a panda named Squeaky – who didn’t actually squeak!) and I also used to have a pillow case that I used to shove under my nose and twiddle between my fingers whilst sucking my thumb (I grew out of this when I was a teenager) I no longer have my pillowcase but my Squeaky still lives under my bed. My only stipulation in regards to the boys being attached to their toys was that they never go anywhere with us unless we stay away overnight as I didn’t want them losing them and never getting them replaced.

Recently we were asked to review a CuddleUppet! I had never heard of them before so quite looking forward to seeing what one was. CuddleUppets are unique, they are a cross between a cuddly blanket and a hand puppet. They are really cute too.
We were sent the Brown Bear CuddleUppet. James loves it and has called him Bob – Bob the builder is his favourite TV programme at the minute and loves singing the theme tune. So meet Bob the Bear.
The CuddleUppets are priced at Β£19.99, there are 5 different CuddleUppets to choose from, so plenty of choice for any little one and there are designs to suit both boys and girls these include a pink poodle and a green monkey. They are aimed at children aged 3 – 5 years old. They are 71 x 99 cm so plenty big enough for small children. James is above average for his age in height and he can comfortably sit with the blanket wrapped around him. He loved putting his hand in its mouth and making it talk and make funny sounds. He made it talk to his brothers and some of his other favourite toys. 
A CuddleUppet is ideal for travelling or for just sitting and snuggling whilst watching TV. I think they would be fab for when a child is feeling under the weather and wanting comfort from a toy, blanket or both, as they don’t take up much room they would be perfect, there has been many a time in our house where I’ve been squeezed off the sofa in replace of a teddy wanting to watch TV too. They are a great product to get a child into an established routine especially for bedtime as they will feel comfortable and relaxed with something that is their own. 

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