Back to Normality….

All over the country I can hear many mothers like myself rejoicing at the fact that their delightful bundles of joy have been packed back off to school. Now don’t get me wrong I love my children, more than anything else in the world but six weeks of being cooped up in the same house has driven them demented and has made them awfully (for want of a better word) bitchy with each other, they have griped at the slightest of thing, they have hit each other for no reason and they have basically tormented each other for the last two weeks. I have played referee more times than I can remember and I should have had a recording of me saving, “stop hitting your brother”, “don’t be nasty to your brother”, “say sorry” and “please try and be quiet as Daddy is in bed” (Matthew has been on the night shifts this last fortnight – I have no idea how he could sleep through the noise) I’m sure when I was a child my siblings and I never behaved like that or wound each other up so much either. I also feel that the six weeks holidays never felt as long either.

Today Callum has gone off for his first day as a Junior. I am of course upset that he is no longer classed as an infant (something he told me hes not ages ago) and I am fully aware of how quickly they grow up and become independent.

I still have Nathan and James at home with me… well until 17th September when Nathan starts full time school and James goes to Nursery – my babies are definitely growing up and I best make sure I have the tissues at the ready as I’m pretty sure they will be needed – I’m not sure I’m ready to let them all go no matter how pleased I am that I will finally get some well deserved me time.

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