Scatter Brainz… Real Boys Toys

This last week Callum and Nathan have been playing with some real boys toys. They were sent some Scatter Brainz to try out. Were were sent a 8 pack and a 3 pack of Series 1 Scatter Brainz. Scatter Brainz have just been released, they will be on shelves very soon and I’m pretty certain they will be a toy that is on lots of Christmas lists this year.

The Scatter Brainz are a dart shaped toy, each dart has a unique character. The darts have a sticky squashed brain tip. 

Series 1 Scatter Brainz are sold in packs of 3 and 8. The 8 pack includes a Scatter Brainz target board.  There are rare and ultra rare Scatter Brainz hidden inside the packs.

Also soon available to buy is the Brain Bazooka and the Scatter Brainz Mental Case. The Brain Bazooka shoots up to 5 darts, it comes in two different styles and includes two exclusive dart characters. The Mental Case features a dart board that spins, four different targets, space for 50 darts, plus 4 exclusive toy Scatter Brainz.

Scatter Brainz toys will soon be available to buy from good toy retailers, the 8 pack is priced around Β£9.99.

All week Callum has been playing with the Scatter Brainz, both him and Nathan find them really funny (“because you can see their brain mummy” – oh silly me!!) the only thing they complained about them was that they lost some of their stickiness however I think if we had the tin to keep them in then they would last a lot longer and if the boys had remembered to replace the caps over the brainz once they’d finished playing with them too then I think they would have kept their stickiness a bit longer.

Overall the boys really liked them even if this was more the novelty factor they said they would definitely like more in the future and have certainly been eyeing up the dart gun as a must for their lists to Santa (which seem to be growing bigger and bigger)

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