Monsuno Strike Combat Set & Cores

When we were asked to review a range of Monsuno toys I honestly didn’t have a clue what they were. I asked Callum if he’d ever heard of them and was like “oh mummy they are just the best things ever… you know the programme I like watching on Nicktoons? well that’s Monsuno!” I was like oh ok and still none the wiser. I asked Callum if he’d like to give them a try and he was only to happy to help.

We were sent the Monsuno Strike Combat Set, a Wild Core and a pack of 4 Cores for our review.

Monsuno are monsters created from ancient energy, that you can use to battle your friends. The aim of the game or battle as it is known is to spin your Monsuno core into the Combat arena and battle it out with friends! There are different modes of game play but the simplest one is defeating the other sides Monsuno by reducing their points to zero. This game is played using just your core and its strike card. Each game is started when both players say Monsuno Ready! The players take it in turns to try and attack the other players cores with their own core. If they miss  the core their turn is over. If once a core is released and the Monsuno is released then the other players Monsuno takes damage equal to the value of the Monsuno that is attacking.  Damage points are shown on the Monsuno figures. At first it was a little difficult for Callum to understand who to play the game but once I had shown him it a few times he understood and was away to play. We haven’t tried any of the harder modes of game play yet but I’m pretty sure it wont be long before we are trying them out.

The Monsuno Strike Sector Combat Set allows for fast-paced Monsuno battle action anytime, anywhere. It is really quick and easy to set up as the four pieces snap together and apart folds up for easy transport. Included in the box is a on-the-go battle bag meaning you can easily take the Strike Selector with you and keep all your bits together. The Monsuno Strike Sector Combat Set is priced around Β£24.99 and available from all good toy shops. It is recommended for children aged 4 years plus.

The Wild Core is motorized and will bring chaos to any battle. Each Wild Core comes with an exclusive collector game card. A Wild core can spin for up to 20 minutes and can be used to The wild core has LED lights and can spin for up to 20 minutes. Wild Cores are priced at Β£14.99 and can be purchased from all good toy retailers. 

Each core opens out to reveal a character from the TV show. The 4 VS pack comes with 4 Monsuno Cores, 4 Action Figures and 12 Collector Game Cards! The $ Vs pack is priced around Β£24.99 and available from all good toy retailers. There are 32 cores in total to collect in four different styles.

Callum said he really likes the Monsuno toys and can’t wait for his friends to come round so he can battle them! I suppose this is our next move in the way of toys for him as he is getting too big to play with the same toys as his little brothers. He has already started his Christmas list for Santa (yes I am wondering how big it will actually be come December) and has asked for more Monsunos so that he can collect them all and have bigger battles with his friends.

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